Maximize the impact of yourretention and expansion efforts.

Improve the effectiveness of your services with Clove's customer hub.

Get the right resources in front of the right users at the right time. And track how users engage with all your post-sale content throughout the customer journey.

Your Tools — Your Process

Keep using the success software you use today.

Your success program is built around agent-optimized tools. With Clove, you keep using those tools to drive a great experience for your customers.

Clove connects to your existing tools

Intentional Customer Experience

Evolve your help center into a customer hub.

Your customers expect more than just a knowledge base. Give them a customer-centric hub that has everything they need to be successful.

One-Stop Help Center

Your customers create and manage support requests, search self-service articles, and browse enablement.

Federated Search

Let your customers search your entire catalog of service offerings—even if it lives outside of Clove.

Connect Marketing to Customers

Strategically put campaigns, events, and features in front of users without relying on popups or emails.

Target Success Metrics

Expose success metrics directly from your CRM to your customers. Give them a real-time view of what matters.

Integrate into Your Product

Your customers are in your product. So surface important notifications and content there.

Your Brand. Your Design.

Fully customize the design, structure, and URLs of your hub. Say goodbye to off-brand customer experience.

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We want to learn about your customer success goals.

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