Evolve your help center into a customer hub.

Your customer hub is the foundation of your post-sales customer experience. Users need help as they learn to use your product, and a self-service customer hub gives them what they need to be successful.

Clove takes this to the next level by helping you put the right content in front of the right users, at the right time.

Success starts here

Customer Hub Features

Build a world-class success experience that's focused on what matters most: your customers.

  • Manage knowledge base content.
  • Sync content from your existing tools.
  • Personalized content delivery.
  • Comprehensive access controls on all content.
  • Track which users engage with which content.
  • Customers manage their support requests.
  • Federated search all of your content.
  • 100% customizable design.
  • SSO with your product.
  • Integrate content back into your product.

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