Onboard customers with Clove's Shared Spaces.

The post-sales customer journey begins with your onboarding process. Go beyond emails and spreadsheets to give your customers a strong onboarding experience that sets the foundation for customer engagement.

Clove empowers customer success managers to create onboarding spaces for their customers. Each space has customized content specific to that customer and individual users at the account.

Success starts here

Onboarding Features

Build a world-class success experience that's focused on what matters most: your customers.

  • Shared spaces between CSMs and their customers
  • Deliver an experience based on user segment
  • Curate external content
  • Track which users engage with which content
  • Create different spaces for specific projects
  • Showcase custom videos welcoming new customers
  • Embed PDFs, spreadsheets, and presentations
  • Detailed access control for spaces and all content

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